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Welcome to the IPAA Energy Workforce Education Center (IEWEC)

Thank you for choosing to volunteer your time with students supported by the IEWEC. When you volunteer with our program, you are supporting our primary goal of impacting students’ knowledge-base of the vast career opportunities in STEM and energy. The time you gift our next generation of leaders has special significance in our industry and economy.

By signing up as a volunteer you will be part of the Virtual Exploring Energy Program that empowers educators and students by encouraging them to delve into the energy industry and its many career fields through a variety of video showcases, virtual tours, and virtual visits to the classroom by respected professionals.

We have two ways to get involved as a volunteer.

  1. For Middle and High School students. Live Virtual Guest Speakers in the classroom nationwide. The IEWEC will also offers middle and high school educators the opportunity to virtually welcome an industry professional to their classroom. Educators will pick the date, time, and topic and the IEWEC will link you with the classroom through Zoom. Details and instructions will be provided to help guide you through this simple process.
  2. Energy Club for High School Students – National Energy Academy. This is a free program for high school students where they meet other like-minded high schoolers around the country and learn about the energy industry from industry professionals and can build their high school resumes and college applications. Students listen to a 15-20 min energy-based presentation and then participate in a Q and A for 10-15mins on Monday evenings 6:30 Central Time. We host these meetings in the evening so students from across all time zones can participate.
If retired, please indicate here.
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Students are encouraged to write thank you notes after any presentation. We will not share the address for any purpose other than student thank you notes.
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