About The IPAA/PESA Energy Education Center

The IPAA/PESA Energy Education Center supports education at every stage of life, providing oil & gas industry education in three broad areas:

  • Award-winning high school Petroleum Academies
  • Continued eLearning oil & gas industry courses
  • Public and in-house oil & gas industry courses
High School Petroleum Academies

The Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) and the Petroleum Equipment & Services Association (PESA) are committed to educational outreach through the Houston-based IPAA/PESA Energy Education Center. Since 2006, the IPAA/PESA Energy Education Center has inspired high school students in enhanced STEM curriculum and has prepared the NEXT GENERATION for successful careers in our industry. The Center supports five engineering, geoscience and leadership academies at high schools in the Houston and Fort Worth Independent School Districts. Petroleum Academies are supported at the following schools:

The mission of the IPAA/PESA Petroleum Academies is to provide high school students with a multidisciplinary, advanced academic learning experience in science, mathematics and the emerging technology concepts needed to pursue professional training and degrees in engineering, geology, geophysics and global energy management in the oil & natural gas industry.

The IPAA/PESA Petroleum Academies were formed to make mathematics and science more meaningful and relevant, and also to address the workforce development issue facing the oil & natural gas industry due to an aging workforce. Students are genuinely excited about becoming the NEXT GENERATION of talented professionals who will continue to lead the U.S. oil & natural gas industry forward.

To date, there are:

  • 2,900 graduates
  • 1,500 students currently enrolled in the 2018-19 school year
  • 41 percent female participation
  • Two-thirds of students are economically under-privileged
  • Significant impact on first generation college participation
  • Over $900,000 in college scholarships awarded
  • 642 industry student externships awarded
eLearning Oil & Gas Industry Overview Courses

IPAA has partnered with Energy Training Resources, LLC to launch a series of industry-focused eLearning courses that are available online. Proceeds benefit the IPAA Educational Foundation’s support of the Petroleum Academies.

Public Courses and In-House Oil & Gas Industry Courses

Also partnering with Energy Training Resources, LLC, in-person and public Oil & Gas Industry Overview Courses are offered several times throughout the year as well as in-house courses are provided. Proceeds benefit the IPAA Educational Foundation’s support of the Petroleum Academies.

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