Virtual Exploring Energy – Video Titles

Connecting seabed to surface Starting your career in the field. Wireline field engineerUnlocking your network to accelerate your career pathInterview with a reservoir engineer
Digital transformation and the energy industryValue Chain

Inner critic to inner heroReservoir engineering as a career
Don’t make your own glass ceiling…what does it take to be part of the energy industryWhat's that flame?How to get to the top of your careerPetroleum Engineering - Doing what I love
Drilling 101 - How a deep water well is drilled - animatedI’m making a difference in energyStaying resilient in your life and careerEngineering can solve the world's problems
Energy in the time of COVIDGreat ideas come from the fieldAgile LeadershipGreat ideas come from the field
Formation of reservoir rocks - animation

Why do we need fossil fuels - P1

Drilling rig tour

I picked the oil and gas industry

How do we operate safely?

Why do we need fossil fuels - P2

Life on a rig

Density bottle - for teachers

Industry misconceptions

Wind can do work

Life on a rig

Core sampling - for teachers

Intro to Completion

Offshore wind floating

Virtual reality tour - petrochemical

Cartesian diver experiment - buoyancy, density, pressure - for teachers

Mock wind turbine proposal virtual town hall

Offshore 101- Interview

Refinery tour - behind the fence 360-degree

Sounds waves - for teachers

Offshore E&P Platforms - animated

Jack / St. Malo offshore platform

Careers in geoscience

Perforated well casing - for teachers

Offshore energy technologies past, present, future

Drilling oil and gas - P2

Starting your career in the field. Wireline field engineer

OTC Energy education institute teachers' workshop - STEM in energy - for teachers

Oil and Gas Snapshot - Where, What, and How P1

Finding your passion

Energy career spotlight - what is an energy manager

Getting the oil out - for teachers

Oil and Gas, extraction, production, storage, transport, distribution - animated

What no one tells you in the energy industry

The Oil and Gas Industry is Super Cool

Geology: A song

Oil Drilling - animated

Energy leadership

The Role of a Petroleum Engineer

I'm making a difference in energy

Petrochemicals 101

Extended reality - from project design to plan

The World is Watching

Let's be proud of our energy

Putting seismic surveys in context

Tackling indifference to make a difference

What I love about my engineering job

Bringing diverse perspective to global issues


Ask the engineer - technical sales engineer

Deepwater Facility Engineer

Lets be proud of our energy

Seismic 3D Imaging - animation

Procurement journey - oil and gas

Why I decided to study petroleum engineering

Engineers can solve any problem

Shell's Cougar platform becomes an artificial reef

Your personal brand - your goals

Interview with a petroleum engineer

Geology to me : becoming a geoscientist

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