The ESG Center

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

The Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) has been committed to sustainability efforts through our vision, strategy and approach to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) priorities.

We’ve partnered with FTI Consulting, a global business advisory firm with expertise in ESG issues, to bring our members IPAA’s new ESG Center. We are excited to work with them on this important effort to provide support for members as they look to understand this growing trend and develop ESG programs that align with their unique business strategies and stakeholder needs. Oil and gas producers who implement strong ESG programs will continue to realize competitive market advantages and value creation opportunities while also managing associated risks.

From our ESG Center we plan to share resources with information on the growing necessity of ESG programs and how to build an authentic and effective program, future virtual and in-person educational events, and more.

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For more information, contact Mallori Miller.

IPAA’s 2021 Private Capital Conference (PCC) ESG Panel video can be viewed here.

IPAA’s Oct. 21st webinar “Building an Authentic Approach to ESG” can be viewed here. Download the webinar slide presentation here.

On our “Enhancing Life” page, read about how safe, regulated American oil and natural gas production is leading the world in providing a better life experience, including improved air quality, for the entire global population.

You’ll find fact sheets including:

ESG Resources

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Our Partnerships

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IPAA is the industry’s strongest presence in the nation’s capital and these are important times. The entire oil and gas industry remains under fire from anti-development groups; but with these challenges arise unique opportunities that IPAA is seizing for our members.