IPAA Committees

IPAA’s committee structure promotes the Association’s mission of ensuring a strong, viable American oil and natural gas industry. Click the sections below to learn more about each committee.

Capital Markets

Promotes and facilitates the capital formation process for independents through education and outreach.
Chairman – David Baggett, Opportune LLP

Staff Contact: Nikki Thomas


Disseminates information and explains the association’s policies, goals, and activities, and the independent oil and natural gas producers’ concerns and interests, primarily to the news media, the public, government, industry, and other interested and affected organizations.
Chairman – pending

Staff Contact: Jeff Eshelman


Preparing the next generation of energy industry professionals through the IPAA/PESA Energy Education Center petroleum academies and initiatives.
Chairman – Mike Linn

Staff Contact: Barry Russell

Environment and Safety

Studies and reports on safety, health and environmental problems and the activities of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency and recommends Association policy related to such activities.
Chairman – Gretchen C. Kern

Staff Contacts: Lee Fuller, Susan Ginsberg, and Ryan Ullman

Land and Royalty

Studies and reports on legislative, regulatory, and litigation developments affecting exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas on public lands and recommends Association policy related to such activities.

Staff Contact: Mallori Miller and Dan Naatz

Wildcatters Fund

Political Action Committee of IPAA.
Chairman – Ron Neal, Houston Energy LP

Staff Contacts: Dan Naatz, Ryan Ullman, and Mallori Miller


Provides a forum for oil and gas practitioners to come together and discuss issues of common interest and concern. When called upon, the Law Committee will also advise the Board and Committees of IPAA on pending legal issues and litigation.
Chairman – Greg Russell

Staff Contact: Barry Russell

Membership and Business Development

A network intended to link IPAA members to news and opportunities through the IPAA website and meetings and events.
Chairman – Chris Atherton, EnergyNet

Staff Contact: David Lungren

Natural Gas

Studies problems of natural gas production, transportation, distribution and marketing; recommends Association policies and actions related to such activities.
Chairman – Kurt Krieger


Analyzes legislative and regulatory initiatives affecting oil and natural gas production on the Outer Continental Shelf and recommends Association policy related to such activities.
Chairman – Ron Neal

Staff Contacts: Mallori Miller and Dan Naatz

Supply and Demand

Analyzes and reports on anticipated demand for petroleum and natural gas and the supply required to meet this demand.
Chairman – Bob Fryklund


Studies and reports on federal tax-related issues pertaining to oil and natural gas production and recommends appropriate Association policy related to such issues.
Chairman – Gary Rohmer

Staff Contacts: Ryan Ullman and Lee Fuller

IPAA is the industry’s strongest presence in the nation’s capital and these are important times. The entire oil and gas industry remains under fire from anti-development groups; but with these challenges arise unique opportunities that IPAA is seizing for our members.