Ryan Ullman

Vice President of Government Relations & Political Affairs

Ryan Ullman has worked for IPAA since 2003. A 17 year veteran, he maintains an issues portfolio within IPAA’s government relations division which includes taxation, budget, safety, environmental issues, and global climate change, pertaining to both legislation as well as regulatory agencies. Additionally, Mr. Ullman handles IPAA’s outreach to Members of Congress as well as political analysis. He also manages IPAA’s grassroots lobbying and coalitions, particularly with the numerous state oil and natural gas trade associations as well as national groups within Washington, DC that are directly or indirectly impacted by energy policies focused on the industry.

Mr. Ullman attended Rocky Mountain College in his hometown of Billings, Montana where he played football and majored in psychology. Outside of politics, he volunteers as a youth hockey coach and resides in northern Virginia.

IPAA is the industry’s strongest presence in the nation’s capital and these are important times. The entire oil and gas industry remains under fire from anti-development groups; but with these challenges arise unique opportunities that IPAA is seizing for our members.