Natural Gas Council Letter to President Biden on Industry Collaboration

Natural Gas Council Letter to President Biden on Industry Collaboration

Dear Mr. President:


The Natural Gas Council writes to you today, on behalf of the people and companies who produce, transport, and deliver U.S. natural gas across this country and around the world, to offer our industry’s support and request your administration’s partnership to improve lives and solve energy and climate challenges using America’s natural gas resources.

We are closely following the ongoing energy crisis in Europe, and our industry is doing what it can to help. We agree with your recent statement with European Commission President von der Leyen acknowledging that U.S. natural gas exports will “enhance security of supply while we continue to enable the transition to net zero emissions.” Because of our abundant domestic supply of natural gas, America’s LNG facilities have operated at near-full nameplate capacity to help our global allies and customers reduce strain on their energy supplies. The United States has been Europe’s largest supplier of LNG in 2021 and can continue to be in early 2022.

Our industry’s ability to support Europe during this crisis is no accident. It was enabled by American innovation and federal and state policies that welcomed natural gas infrastructure investment. Our domestic shale revolution and private investment in United States natural gas infrastructure has allowed our nation to lead the world in LNG exports—exports that have a lower emissions intensity than many of Europe’s other suppliers.

However, the United States is not immune to future challenges—like those now facing Europe— if we are unable to continue growing and modernizing our natural gas system. …