Joint Producer Letter to White House – “The Time is Now To Work Together”

Joint Producer Letter to White House – “The Time is Now To Work Together”

Dear Mr. President, …

We strongly believe this is a moment in time where we can, and should, come together as one nation to fortify, deepen, and expand our energy capacity and capability.

Indeed, we have heard certain parts of your administration’s call for our industry to step up. In particular, we listened with great interest to the recent remarks of Secretary Granholm at CERAWeek in Houston.

To that end Mr. President, we as representatives of critically important small and midsized energy producers are committed to do what we can at this moment on behalf of the American people. We certainly understand first-hand the impacts higher costs, driven by inflation and related factors, can have on small businesses and their employees.

However, there is a key challenge standing in the way of unity: the words and actions of you and members of your administration. …

Letter signers:

Western Energy Alliance

Permian Basin Petroleum Association

US Oil and Gas Association

Independent Petroleum Association of America

National Stripper Well Association

Mid Continent Oil and Gas Association

New Mexico Oil and Gas Association

North Dakota Petroleum Council

Illinois Oil and Gas Association

Energy Workforce & Technology Council