IPAA Responds to Salazar Announcement of 5-Year Plan Delay

IPAA Responds to Salazar Announcement of 5-Year Plan Delay

Decision Holds America Back Just When We Need to Move Forward
WASHINGTON—Barry Russell, president and CEO of the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) – the leading, national trade organization representing the men and women who develop 90 percent of America’s oil and gas wells and hold 90 percent of the leases in the Gulf of Mexico – issued the following statement today in response to Interior Secretary Salazar’s announcement that he is delaying by several months an important step in our nation’s path to energy independence and economic recovery:
“While I welcome greater public input in the regulatory process, I am disappointed by the Obama Administration’s decision to delay moving forward on domestic energy development—especially at a time when our economy is struggling, unemployment is rising and state treasuries are suffering.
“The public comment period is by both nature and design a lengthy, deliberate process — and thousands of Americans have made their voices heard. Poll after poll confirms that the American people understand the imperative of producing more of our energy resources right here at home, support it and are prepared to take the steps necessary to ensure it remains a top national priority.
“We need to act quickly and aggressively to develop domestic energy resources that could provide energy, jobs and needed revenues for states. This unnecessary delay will hold America back, at the precise moment when we need to move forward the most.”
IPAA is the national trade association representing oil and natural gas producers that drill 90 percent of the nation’s oil and natural gas wells. These companies account for 68 percent of America’s oil production and 82 percent of its natural gas production.

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