IPAA Letter in Support of S. 1076, The REGROW Act

IPAA Letter in Support of S. 1076, The REGROW Act

IPAA submitted a letter in support of S. 1076, the REGROW Act, for the record for the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Public Lands, Forests, & Mining Subcommittee Legislative Hearing on June 16, 2021.

“The Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) supports S. 1076, the REGROW Act and actions to address orphan wells throughout the nation.  States with oil and natural gas production have been acting to plug orphan wells for decades. The REGROW Act provides additional funds for these state programs and aids their initiatives and the workers who undertake these efforts during the difficult fiscal times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In the United States, there are over 56,000 documented oil and natural gas wells that have been orphaned.  Taking proactive steps to support the existing state orphan well remediation programs is the best path forward to address this important issue. This approach ensures that we effectively and efficiently utilize the expertise and experience the states have accumulated in their decades long work to resolve this issue.

“The oil and natural gas industry lost more than 100,000 jobs during the pandemic. The REGROW Act supports existing oil and gas workers and provides an opportunity for those who lost their jobs to come back to work while also creating a healthier environment.

“IPAA thanks the committee for ​acting on this legislation. We applaud the leadership of Sens. Lujan and Cramer for their tireless efforts in working with all interested parties on this legislation that will help address this important issue in a reasonable and thoughtful manner. The broad, bipartisan support from lawmakers and stakeholders is a testament to the hard work and consideration that went into producing this piece of legislation.

“Thanks to Chairman Manchin and the members of the committee for holding this hearing today and we urge quick adoption of S. 1076”