IPAA Identifies Key American Energy Themes For New Administration

IPAA Identifies Key American Energy Themes For New Administration

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) issued today the following remarks in anticipation of President Trump’s first address to a Joint Session of Congress. IPAA President and CEO Barry Russell identifies some potential energy policy themes for consideration by the Trump administration:

“During President Trump’s first five weeks in office, the Trump administration has signaled a historic rebalancing between the best way to protect the environment and to maximize energy production. In policy outlines, this administration recognizes energy as a strategic, American asset that should not be snarled by needless, duplicative regulatory regimes.

“Energy policies that are being discussed refocus on markets, a reassessment of top-down controls, and a better balance to have the safest, most efficient regulations for the energy industry, while also protecting the environment. This will mean using the United States’ assets, such as oil, natural gas and manufacturing, to do what’s best economically for the United States. IPAA believes that’s a recipe for a good, forward-thinking national energy policy. Adding in President Trump’s emphasis on improving national infrastructure, it’s powerful. IPAA looks forward to working with President Trump and his administration to bring meaningful relief for hardworking American families and businesses across the country.”

While the president and his team consider energy policy, IPAA has outlined some of the major themes that it expects could be part of future energy discussions:

IPAA is hopeful that one of the major policy shifts will be to quickly reverse the federalization of regulations traditionally handled at the state level. Many of these regulatory efforts can go back to the state level where they have been managed for years, where federal environmental laws intended management to be. State level regulators know what works best for their diverse geographies and communities. IPAA supports that.

Serious issues surround global climate change policy. An improper or hasty resolution of this debate could have extreme implications for America’s oil and natural gas producers and consumers. Clean-burning natural gas is a linchpin to any climate strategy. Emerging shale gas plays throughout the nation can produce natural gas to meet American needs for 100 years. These newly defined resources will allow the U.S. to develop climate approaches that can rely on clean, abundant, and affordable American natural gas. Natural gas can be the fuel of choice for new electricity generation. Not everyone recognizes the direct correlation between the increased use of clean-burning natural gas and the significant reduction of carbon emissions over the last five years. President Trump has acknowledged the important role of natural gas in reducing carbon emissions. IPAA is hopeful that the new administration is going to take a fresh look at addressing climate change and offer smart, forward-thinking solutions that not only protect the environment, but also ensure that U.S. consumers benefit from affordable and reliable American energy.

Looking at the geopolitical implications of American energy and energy around the world is a priority for President Trump. The United States has foreign allies in some cases that need energy, and America has the capacity and ability to supply them, and that is very important. IPAA agrees with President Trump that the United States should use its abundant oil and natural gas resources in support of its security interests around the world – particularly to counter the influence of Russia and Iran. The nation has a significant opportunity on the world stage to use energy to advance the United States’ interests.

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