Coalition Letter on Regulatory Flexibility Act Reform

Coalition Letter on Regulatory Flexibility Act Reform

This Coalition letter was sent to the Members of the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committees on Small Business and of the Judiciary, supporting reform in implementation of the Regulatory Flexibility Act.

“Dear Chairmen Williams and Jordan and Ranking Members Velazquez and Nadler:

On behalf of millions of small businesses across the country, we urge legislative action to strengthen the meaningful input of small businesses in federal regulatory processes and ensure the intent of the Regulatory Flexibility Act is fulfilled. …

Unfortunately, loopholes in the RFA allow federal regulators to bypass the law’s requirements and misrepresent the costs of new mandates on small businesses because (a) transparency requirements only apply to businesses directly regulated and (b) judges may not punish agencies for ignoring small business concerns. …

At a time when we are counting on small business growth to enrich communities and bolster America’s economy, we cannot afford to bury free enterprise under red tape emanating from Washington.

We urge the Committee to prioritize legislation that strengthens and closes loopholes in the Regulatory Flexibility Act. …”