Administration’s Offshore Air-Quality Regulations Making it Prohibitively Expensive to Operate

Administration’s Offshore Air-Quality Regulations Making it Prohibitively Expensive to Operate

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Obama Administration’s proposal to enact new federal offshore air quality monitoring regulations is just the latest in a series of blows to the oil and natural gas industry during the president’s final year in office, according to Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Political Affairs Dan Naatz.

“It’s clear this administration continues to mount an aggressive climate agenda against America’s oil and natural gas producers, putting the views of extreme environmental activists ahead of national energy security, American jobs, and at the expense of American consumers’ pocketbooks,” said IPAA’s Dan Naatz. “Earlier this week, the White House reduced the areas where the offshore industry can explore for America’s abundant and low-cost energy resources. Today, it proposes a highly complicated 349-page regulatory scheme that toughens measuring, tracking, and reporting of air quality emissions, which will no doubt add yet another layer of burdensome and costly requirements on an already-suffering industry and could affect American energy development.

“Continuing to impose these challenging regulations, at a time when the industry is hurting under constrained market conditions, makes producers’ jobs of exploring and developing America’s plentiful oil and natural gas resources prohibitively expensive. Not only is this administration making it harder for American operators to stay in business, it is robbing the American taxpayers of billions of dollars in additional revenue that would be generated from this production.

“Furthermore, the unreasonable expectation to review and comment on 349 pages of new federal regulations in a 60-day window is another example that this administration is making it as difficult as possible for the fossil fuel industry to remain in business.”

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