Letters & Comments

Letters and Comments Jan 17, 2014

A coalition consisting of more than a dozen trade associations recently submitted comments to the Senate Committee on Finance regarding its staff discussion draft on cost recovery, specifically the proposed repeal of percentage depletion and how it would be harmful to the competitiveness of American natural resources industries.

Letters and Comments Jan 17, 2014

IPAA, along with more than 45 organizations representing thousands of independent oil and natural gas explorers and producers, recently submitted comments to the Senate Committee on Finance regarding Chairman Baucus’ proposal to reform cost recovery and tax accounting rules and how it would significantly impact American oil and natural gas development.

Letters and Comments Jan 2, 2014

Comments to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that the information offered in support of the proposal to list the Northern Long-Eared Bat, due to a lack of scientific peer review, sole habitat protection to mitigate the symptoms of White Nose Syndrome and the lack of records on research regarding the bat.

Letters and Comments Dec 13, 2013

More than a dozen oil and natural gas associations, including IPAA, sent a letter to U.S. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Baucus to endorse a pro-growth tax code that promotes domestic investment, job creation and energy production. The chairman’s current proposal for tax reform raises significant concern among the associations’ member companies.

IPAA is the industry's strongest presence in the nation's capital and these are important times. The entire oil and gas industry remains under fire from anti-development groups; but with these challenges arise unique opportunities that IPAA is seizing for our members.