Southwest High School Petroleum Academy Students visit Weir Oil & Gas

IPAA/PESA Petroleum Academy seniors at Southwest High School delved deeper into the nuts and bolts of the oil & gas industry when they explored pump manufacturing particulars at Weir Oil & Gas in February.  Company staff explained the design process of pumps, how to determine if a pump is needed, the time it takes to produce the product, and how Weir’s pumps are tested against their competitors.  Weir Oil & Gas employees took the time to share their personal stories with the students regarding the steps they took after high school in order to advance to the careers they have today. The students were very fortunate to also have Azra Turajlic, Southwest High School Petroleum Academy alum (2013), participate at the field trip. Azra, who did her externship at EOG Resources, is now currently an employee of Weir Oil & Gas.

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