Middle School STEM Career Exploration Program

Power Your Future

Over the next decade, the number of jobs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, or STEM, industries including oil & natural gas is expected to grow 50 percent faster than in non-STEM industries. Filling these jobs is both a need for our future economy and an amazing opportunity for students, but we must first empower students with the knowledge of STEM career paths within their reach.

To meet this need, the Center implemented a new digital program designed for middle school students. Grades 6-9 are particularly critical years, as research shows that entering high school with an interest in STEM is the most important determinant of graduating with an interest in STEM.

Learners engage with interactive content and familiar environments to show them STEM in their world. Virtual career cards are integrated within the digital learning experience that expose students to STEM roles relevant to their interests.

Key Program Components

  • Students go through interactive simulations to see ‘STEM in their world’ and are introduced to inspiring careers they never knew existed
  • Scalable to support national distribution
  • 35 career cards feature key skills, educational requirements, average salary data
  • Introduces students to real-life STEM careers
  • Valuable, supplementary resource material for teachers provided

More Information

For more information about bringing this digital initiative to your community, please contact:

Barry Russell
President and CEO
(202) 857-4722

Anne Ford
Senior Vice President
(281) 798-2334

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