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Financial Times: US business battles for cherished tax breaks

Barry Russell, president of IPAA, which represents small producers, said: “While lower tax rates are an important component of tax reform, America’s independent oil and natural gas producers rely on capital recovery provisions in the tax code to reinvest back into the US economy.”

Daily Energy Insider: Independent petroleum association testifies on role of independent oil, natural gas producers in onshore development

Dan Naatz, senior vice president of government relations and public affairs at IPAA, recently testified before the U.S. House Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources on the role of U.S. independent oil and natural gas producers in onshore oil and gas development.

E&E News: Lawmakers clash over bill to let states regulate drilling

A draft bill that would give states authority to regulate oil and gas activity on federal lands was debated at a House National Resources subcommittee hearing. IPAA’s Dan Naatz told the panel that the oil and gas industry has a long history of responsible operations and that he is “confident in our members’ ability to protect the environment.”

E&E News: BLM will no longer collect a critical drilling data set

Dan Naatz, vice president of federal resources and regulatory affairs for the Independent Petroleum Association of America, said operators are highly motivated to move their applications along as quickly as possible.

Natural Gas Intelligence: BLM Proposes Suspending, Delaying Parts of NatGas Venting/Flaring Rules Until 2019

The Trump administration said it plans to temporarily suspend or delay parts of an Obama-era rule governing associated natural gas flaring and venting on public and tribal lands until January 2019.

E&E News: States to court: Keep BLM out of climate change policy

The Bureau of Land Management has no business fighting climate change, Western states told a federal court this week. IPAA and the Western Energy Alliance piled on with similar critiques of the Obama methane rule, arguing that the Obama administration crafted the rule because it wanted to meet goals set out in the White House’s 2013 Climate Action Plan but wanted to act more quickly than the Clean Air Act’s process for regulating existing sources would allow.

Axios Generate: Oil industry eyes wins as GOP launches tax battle

The lower corporate rate of 20% of course, but also the quick write-off of capital investments. Barry Russell, head of a trade group called the Independent Petroleum Association of America, called immediate expensing “critical to the continued American energy dominance” and boosting jobs.

Argus Media: Republican tax plan offers mixed bag for energy

Energy companies will find things to like in a tax plan backed by President Donald Trump that would cut corporate rates to 20pc, although some prized deductions could be lost. “The inclusion or elimination of specific tax provisions, yet to be outlined, will be crucial to evaluating this tax reform plan,” oil industry group the Independent Petroleum Association of America’s president Barry Russell said.

Oil & Gas Journal: Oil, gas groups back BLM’s plan to rescind 2015 fracing rule

The Independent Petroleum Association of America and Western Energy Alliance expressed their support on Sept. 25 for the US Bureau of Land Management to rescind its 2015 hydraulic fracturing rule. In their joint comments, IPAA and Denver-based WEA explained in detail why BLM’s 2015 regulation duplicated state efforts and was not justified. Rescinding it would save more than $220 million/year in compliance costs, they said.

Daily Energy Insider: Independent oil, gas producers push for the withdrawal of hydraulic fracturing rule

The Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) and Western Energy Alliance submitted on Monday comments to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), urging it to withdraw its rule regulating hydraulic fracturing on federal and Native American lands.

UPI: Federal fracking regulations not needed, industry tells Trump

With a court dismissing a challenge to federal rules on hydraulic fracturing, producers said it was time for President Trump to erase the law altogether. “The industry recognizes that every energy-producing area has different geologic, topographic, and hydrologic conditions, which is why the states are far more efficient and effective at regulating hydraulic fracturing than the federal government,” Barry Russell, the president and CEO of IPAA said.

Daily Energy Insider: Appeals court dismisses hydraulic fracturing rule case

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit recently dismissed the appellate case on Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) and Western Energy Alliance’s challenge of a final rule regarding hydraulic fracturing on federal and Native American lands.

Oil & Gas Journal: Higher federal court’s appeal dismissal in BLM fracing suit is mixed

The president of the Independent Petroleum Association of America in Washington applauded the court’s decision to dismiss the appeal, which was pending as a new US president was elected and his administration began to rescind BLM’s fracing regulation.

The Oklahoman: Oil association sues government over endangered beetle

The Independent Petroleum Association of America, American Stewards of Liberty and Osage Producers Association filed the lawsuit after the government did not issue a required 12-month finding on the groups’ petition last year to remove the beetle from the endangered species list.

Oil & Gas Journal: IPAA, other groups sue FWS over American burying beetle delay

The Independent Petroleum Association of America, American Stewards of Liberty, and Osage Producers Association have sued the US Fish and Wildlife Service over the agency’s alleged failure to issue a required 12-month finding on a petition to remove the American burying beetle from the endangered species list.

Natural Gas Intelligence: With Unanimous Committee Support, Two FERC Nominees Face Senate Floor Vote

The nominations of Kevin McIntyre and Richard Glick to FERC received the support of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Tuesday and were sent to the full Senate for consideration. The committee’s votes were applauded by the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA).

Buchanan Ingersoll Rooney PC: Energy Insider Interview

IPAA President and CEO Barry Russell discusses the Trump administration’s first six months in office, how independent producers are effectively managing air emissions, a FERC quorum, permitting issues, tax reform, and much more in this Energy Insider interview.

CEO Update: Business groups turn up heat on tax reform

Barry Russell, CEO of IPAA, said the current tax reform dialogue focuses on lowering tax rates, but oil and gas developers rely on existing tax provisions to recover investment made in energy development. He cautioned against “shortsighted” reforms that do more harm than good.

IPAA President Barry Russell’s Op-Ed in Investor’s Business Daily: Don’t Let Tax Reform Hamper The Nation’s Energy Needs

As Washington, D.C., looks to tackle reforming the tax code, the critical role of American energy production cannot be overlooked. This effort needs to move in the direction of strengthening businesses of many shapes and sizes, putting our economy on a track for success, and creating new jobs and opportunities along the way for our workforce.

American Security News: Energy Department commended for report highlighting role of natural gas in electricity markets

Members of the Natural Gas Council (NCG), a coalition of IPAA and four other associations that represent various natural gas companies in the U.S., recently commended the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for its staff report on electricity markets and reliability that highlighted the importance of natural gas to the electricity market.

E&E News: With Obama EPA rule in force, compliance clash may loom

The Trump administration is giving scant details on how or whether it plans to enforce restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions from the oil and gas industry after a federal court revived the standards last month.

San Francisco Chronicle: SF pension board should stay invested in fossil fuels

According to research conducted by professor emeritus Daniel Fischel of the University of Chicago Law School, SFERS stands to lose nearly $150 billion over 50 years and millions of dollars annually if it divests from fossil fuels, and up to $200 billion if you add in the utility sector.

Natural Gas Intelligence: Interior Repeals Obama-Era Oil, NatGas Valuation Rule in Industry Win

Several industry organizations, including the IPAA, strongly supported the Interior Department’s Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR) repeal of an Obama-era rule that amended how the government calculates royalties for oil, natural gas and coal produced on public and tribal lands and is reverting to previous rules.

Daily Energy Insider: Natural Gas Council releases white paper on natural gas reliability, resilience

The Natural Gas Council released a report Monday that focused on the reliability and resilience of operational processes, physical aspects and contractual foundations of the natural gas system.

E&E News: Court to decide fate of federal fracking authority — or not

“IPAA is eager to turn our attention to the regulatory process as we engage with the new Administration on this issue,” Dan Naatz, senior vice president for government relations and political affairs at the industry group, said.

North American Oil & Gas Pipelines: Time for the U.S. Senate to Step Up on FERC Nominees

The pipeline industry was all excited about the prospect of restoring a quorum to the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission when President Donald Trump named two nominees in May. Trade groups recently sent a letter urging Senate leaders to schedule a vote on the nominees.

E&E News: Zinke’s order aims to fulfill onshore industry wish list

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke yesterday signed his fourth administrative order to align his department with President Trump’s goal of reaching U.S. “energy dominance.” IPAA said the order reflects requests the trade group has made in its meetings with the Interior secretary.

SNL: Zinke issues order to shrink permit times, offers quarterly oil and gas leases

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke ordered his agency to reduce the number of average days to receive federal onshore oil and gas leasing permits and to offer quarterly lease sales on federal land for the oil and gas industry.

The Washington Times: Interior Secretary Zinke orders more lease sales, faster permitting for oil, gas on federal lands

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke signed an order directing his department to hold more lease sales and speed up permitting for energy exploration. Industry leaders say upholding law and returning stability to federal lease sales are key steps for both energy security and economic growth.

Bloomberg BNA: Interior’s Zinke Wants Oil and Gas Permitting Streamlined

Oil and gas companies could get more leasing opportunities and faster permitting for work on federal onshore lands under an order announced July 6 by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

Oil & Gas Journal: Trump signals intention to achieve American ‘energy dominance’

US President Donald Trump announced a series of actions aimed at achieving not just American energy independence, but dominance.

The Houston Chronicle: Trump moves to dump Obama offshore drilling plan to open up Arctic, Atlantic

President Donald Trump has ordered his Cabinet to move ahead on replacing the Obama administration’s offshore drilling program, with an eye to opening up the Atlantic and Arctic coastlines to oil and gas development.

North American Energy News: Study reveals oil & gas divestment of pensions could cost trillions – IPAA

A first of its kind study finds public pension funds could lose trillions of dollars if they divested from fossil fuel related investments, according to the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA).

Bloomberg BNA: Industry Cheers Methane Rules Pause Despite New Uncertainty

Lee Fuller, one of the leaders of a trade association that represents small drilling operations, said this regulation was so onerous on the oil and gas industry and would have forced so many wells to shutter that any attempt to nullify it is welcome, regardless of the uncertainty it may cause in the short term.

E&E News: 3K drilling permit applications await BLM approval

The Bureau of Land Management is staring down the task of tackling nearly 3,000 outstanding bids to drill on public land. BLM’s backlog of applications for permit to drill (APD) landed on a leaked internal “priority work” list.

The Houston Chronicle: Trump-backed effort to repeal methane rule blocked in Senate

The Trump administration’s efforts to unwind former President Barack Obama’s climate change legacy were dealt a blow Wednesday after the Senate rejected legislation to repeal a regulation limiting the amount of methane that oil and gas drillers can vent or flare on federal lands.

CEO Update: Association: Universities lose money when they divest from fossil fuels

Several U.S. universities have moved away from fossil fuel company stocks in recent years after being pressured by environmental activists, but a recent report commissioned by the Independent Petroleum Association of America concluded that such a move takes a financial toll on the institutions.

Washington Examiner: FERC needs a quorum

For more than two months, our five organizations have worked tirelessly – both in concert and individually – to urge the Trump Administration and Congress to re-establish a quorum of at least three commissioners at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). None of us expected to have to continue these efforts deep into April; and yet here we are.

The Washington Post: Trump signs order at the EPA to dismantle environmental protections

IPAA president and chief executive, Barry Russell, who was at the event, said in a statement that his group welcomed Trump’s “bold decision to tackle the growing regulatory state and identify rules that harm the economy and threaten American jobs.”

Associated Press: Trump admin halts Obama-era rule on fracking on public land

The Trump administration is rolling back an Obama administration rule requiring companies that drill for oil and natural gas on federal lands to disclose chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking.

The Hill: 2017, A Year for America’s Energy Resurgence

The Trump administration and Congress have an opportunity to foster a new resurgence in energy development and support the thousands of small businesses and millions of workers that comprise this vital American industry.

The Washington Post: EPA halts inquiry into oil and gas industry emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas

The EPA announcement was a first step towards reversing an Obama administration effort – which  only got underway two days after Donald Trump’s election – to gather information about methane.

Oil & Gas Journal: Oil and gas groups welcome White House’s change in tone

US oil and gas associations welcome changes in the policymaking tone at the White House and look forward to working with the Trump administration, officials said in statements before and after US President Donald J. Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress on Feb. 28.

E&E News: Industry urges Senate to follow House lead on BLM rule repeal

Oil and gas industry advocates Friday applauded House passage of a resolution to quash an Obama-era regulation over methane emissions on public lands and urged the Senate to follow suit this week.

The Daily Caller: US Could Export More Oil Than OPEC Countries In 2017

The U.S. may export more oil in 2017 than four OPEC member states produce, according to a survey of energy analysts by Bloomberg.

Oil & Gas Journal: House passes CRA resolution to nullify BLM’s methane emissions rule

The US House of Representatives approved a Congressional Review Act resolution on Feb. 3 to rescind the US Bureau of Land Management’s methane emissions limits for oil and gas activity on public and Indian tribal land by 221 to 191 votes.

Oil and Gas Investor: Executive Q&A – The Trump Effect

While the presidential election between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump at times seemed like a muckfest without a desirable choice, the difference between the two regarding oil and gas industry interests was clear.

The Daily Caller: Study: 90% Of The 215,000 Energy Workers Laid Off Under Obama Still Unemployed

Almost 90 percent of the oil and natural gas workers who lost their jobs during Obama’s tenure are still unemployed or left the sector for other industries, according to a new study by University of Houston.

Natural Gas Intel: House GOP to Try Blocking Methane Rules With ‘Larger Bill’

House Republicans are working on “a larger bill” to block final rules on methane emissions — and possibly others — from taking effect after one GOP lawmaker’s plan to invoke a rare parliamentary procedure to block the rules failed because too much time elapsed since their introduction.

Rigzone: Oil, Gas Industry Looks to Trump for Opening Federal Lands to Development

Despite presiding over the height of the shale revolution, the Obama Administration has leased less federal land to the oil and gas industry than any other president since at least 1981 – and industry insiders are hopeful the incoming Trump Administration will turn that around.

Midland Reporter-Telegram: Energy industry closely watching as new administration takes over

Anticipation, apprehension, confidence, dread, hope and optimism fill the air as legislators head to state capitals and the nation’s capital. The actions these elected officials take locally, statewide and nationally will touch not only every resident but the entire range of industry. This year is even more significant, given that a new president is taking office.

The Daily Caller: Judge Delays Obama Fracking Rule Until After Trump Takes Office

A federal judge delayed President Barack Obama’s hydraulic fracturing regulation for two months, meaning President-elect Donald Trump will be responsible for its implementation.

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