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Petroleum Academies ยป Westside High School

Westside High School

By: Raquel Sapon, Grade 10

So far WEGA has had a busy schedule since last fall. First we had a visit from Midland ISD, where teachers and administrators came to Westside and heard about the WEGA program. Next, juniors enjoyed a very interesting presentation from Ms. Letha Slagle about geology careers and other options in geophysics. All classes participated in the eighth grade orientation for future students, where current freshman were able to show incoming freshman what they will be doing first hand with the CAD program. Sophomores then presented their newest unit and previous ones like electricity, centroids, and much more. Juniors and seniors presented their award winning bamboo car. We also were notified of this year's recipients of the IPAA/PESA Scholarships: Madison Jackson (top recipient), Nick Ford, Grace Craven, and Sarah Wong. Unfortunately, our next event was cancelled due to weather, but all the top three groups from each grade were ready to have participated in this year's IPAA/PESA Speaking Competition. Freshmen and sophomores were to present a PowerPoint dealing with an issue related to engineering, while juniors and seniors were to present in a Panel Discussion format. Also the International PetroChallenge was cancelled due to weather where, Ethan Herrera, was going to compete in a group with students from other schools. Together they would have competed with other international teams to drill for oil in a virtual environment. It has been a very busy spring for Westside, and we still have many things for the remainder of the semester.

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