Mission Statement

The mission of the IPAA International Committee is:

  • to provide a forum for IPAA members and independents to discuss both pertinent international issues and opportunities for independents in international E & P ventures,
  • to provide educational and information services to IPAA members engaged in or interested in international business opportunities, and
  • to coordinate with domestic and foreign government agencies, national oil companies and the international E & P industry to promote maximum exposure to international opportunities for IPAA members.

Contact Info

Frederick Lawrence
Vice President of Economics and International Affairs
Independent Petroleum Association of America
1201 15th St., NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20005

Phone: (202)857-4766
Fax: (202)857-4799

IPAA International Web Links

I. Useful Websites

  1. Alberta Resource Development
  2. American Association of Petroleum Geologists
  3. American Association of Petroleum Landmen
  4. Australian Geologic Survey Organization/Geoscience Australia
  5. Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
  6. British Geological Survey
  7. Canadian Energy Research Institute
  8. Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists
  9. Canadian Associate of Petroleum Landmen
  10. Canadian Associate of Petroleum Land Administrators
  11. Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
  12. Canadian Institute of Resources Law
  13. Commission for Environmental Cooperation
  14. Directory of Geoscience Organizations of the World
  15. Energy Council of Canada
  16. Energy and Mineral Law Foundation
  17. Fossil Energy International
  18. GEO Petroleum Internet Resources
  19. Global Legal Information Network
  20. Heritage Foundation, Index of Economic Freedom
  21. Indonesian Petroleum Association
  22. Institute of Petroleum
  23. International Association of Oil and Gas Producers
  24. International Association of Geophysical Contractors
  25. International Center for Gas Technology Information
  26. International Chambers of Commerce, various cities
  27. International Development Research Center
  28. International Union of Geological Sciences
  29. International Resources Research Information Pages
  30. International Right of Way Association
  31. International Oil Scouts Association
  32. Latin America Industry resource
  33. Mining Association of Canada
  34. Mining Laws of Asian Countries
  35. Natural Resources Forum
  36. Natural Resources Canada
  37. Nigerian Oil and Gas Online
  38. North Africa resource
  39. Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
  40. Ocean Drilling Program
  41. Office of Legal Advisors, US Department of State
  42. Offshore Oil Scouts Association
  43. Oil Patch Directory (Europe)
  44. Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia
  45. Regional Associate of Oil and Natural Gas Companies in Latin America and the Caribbean
  46. Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation
  47. Russian resource http://www.neftegaz.rv/english
  48. Small Explorers and Producers Association of Canada
  49. Society of Exploration Geophysicists
  50. Society of Petroleum Engineers
  51. Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society
  52. Transparency International
  53. UK Department of Trade and Industry
  54. UK Offshore Operators Association
  55. UK Oil and Gas Directorate
  56. UK Petroleum Industry Association
  57. US Department of Energy
  58. US Geological Survey
  59. US Department of State Background Notes
  60. US Department of State
  61. United Nations
  62. World Factbook
  63. World Resources Institute

II. Other Websites

  1. Association of International Petroleum Negotiators
  2. Cambridge Energy Research Associates
  3. Export-Import Bank of the U.S.
  4. European Bank of Reconstruction and Development
  5. Independent Petroleum Association of America
  6. Inter-American Development Bank
  7. International Association of Drilling Contractors
  8. International Energy Agency
  9. Overseas Private Investment Corporation
  10. Petroleum Equipment and Suppliers Association
  11. State Department-The Bureau of Consular Affairs
  12. United States Trade Representative Office
  13. USA Engage for sanctions accountability